Success Stories

Our portfolio of successful projects is enormous, but to save time we’ve selected two of our most difficult to illustrate what we’re capable of.

Convergent Media Systems, a subsidiary of Ballantyne Strong, is a digital sign company. They wanted to migrate their main sign platform, BrightSign Network Enterprise Edition (BSNEE), away from Rackspace where it was hosted, to Amazon Web Services where it is now hosted. As you can see below that was just the beginning.

  • We migrated all Convergent’s Rackspace infrastructure to AWS in the span of two weeks.
  • We re-architected and implemented BSNEE changes so it could better integrate with AWS during the above process.
  • We designed wrote and deployed a management platform (MetaDS) to help them manage their DSLoader devices.
  • We reverse engineered the DSLoader Android app (Stacks) and wrote a functional duplicate (PhatStacks).
  • We wrote and deployed the platform (Q-Sign) that drives all the in-store customer-facing queue displays for Cox Solutions.
  • We wrote and deployed software (BSNProv) that enabled rapid configuration, shipping, install, and verification of digital sign players. This was necessary for Convergent to meet customer T-Mobile’s time-frame for their company-wide sign rollout.
  • We wrote and deployed software (ChadDAM) that generates the playlist for every one of the new T-Mobile signs.
  • We wrote and deployed software (TweetPup) that collects tweets from Twitter and formats them for display on T-Mobile’s ChadDAM powered signs.